Here are the pictures from the 2007 reunion at Fort Rucker, AL.  For quicker loading there is a differert link for each page containing just 15 pictures. Most of these picture taken by Mel Metzer and a few taken by others.

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Reunion 07 Report

      . The 2007 Reunion of the units of the 145th CAB was held at Fort Rucker, AL on  June 22, 23, and 24, 2007 We started the Reunion on Thursday 21 June with Registration and reception at the Quality Inn in Ozark, AL with wine, beer and soft drinks provided. A golf outing was also scheduled that day. On Friday we started off with the Change of Command for the 1st BN, 145th Regt, award of DFC for Jack Saint, Fort Rucker Brief update, Helicopter Static Display, lunch with new Army Aviators, open visitation to Army Aviation Museum, and a tour of the Seneff Center and the Flight Simulators. Saturday we started off at Adams Hall with social time and Business Meeting. From there we went to Old Warrior Field for a picnic hosted by the troops of the 1st Bn, 145th Regt,  great food and a good time. Saturday night we held our main banquet where we socialized, drew raffle ticket prizes, and presented awards. I want to thank everyone involved for the presentation of the plaques to my wife and I in recognition of 21 years of extraordinary selfless service to the 145th C.A.B. (VN) Assoc. Mike Davis UTT-197, Steve Yaeger 197th AHC, and Norm Turner USAF, performed the Songs of the UTT and a few other after the meal, thank you Mike, Steve and Norm. Sunday we had a Non-Denominational Memorial Service at the Museum and wrapped up the Reunion.  As an addition to the main schedule  we maintained a hospitality room at the Quality Inn in Ozark where many reunions and conversations occurred. The 242nd ASHC  Muleskinner  (CH-47) had a large mini-reunion going and was by far the largest unit group there, thanks guys we really enjoyed your unit group holding your reunion with us. Also the 184th Avn Co (fixed wing  guys) had a good showing. We had many H-21 people and many UH-1 people, about equal number of pilots, crews and support people. Because Fort Rucker is a closed base most of the people rode the bus in and out. I couldn't because I was helping organize stuff, but I heard rumors of what the buses was like, sorry I missed the fun. They sounded like a party on the way to the party. I had a great time and I think everyone else did to, hope to see all of you in Dayton, OH in 2009.
    I want to thank MG (Ret) Dick Kenyon, CSM (Ret) Chuck Frye, CW4 (Ret) Willie Ruf, Norm Laumeyer, the Command and the troops of the 1st Bn, 145th Regt for their hard work putting together a great Reunion for us. On a sad note we lost Willie Ruf, Willie had a heart attack and stroke just before the Reunion and has passed away since then. I plan to have a lot more about Willie in our next newsletter.  

Thank you and I hope to see you in Dayton in 2009. Stay safe and keep healthy. Jim Bodkin